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As the Provincial Grand Master of one of the largest Mark Provinces can I welcome you to our website.
The Mark Degree is the largest degree after the Craft and Chapter. The Degree itself is one of hope and encouragement, dealing with the building of King Solomon's Temple.
This beautiful and exclusive Degree is restricted to those Brethren who are already Mark Master Masons.
Find out about our charitable works and the worthy causes we support.
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Latest news from around the Province

  • Oakley Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No.886


    The Provincial visit to Oakley Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners No. 886, in Basingstoke,  on Thursday 3 February 2022 promises to be be a very interesting and exciting evening. The Provincial Grand Master and his team will be performing a live "Double Ceremony of Elevation". 

    This is a "first" for the Mark Province following the introduction of the 2026 Festival Draw. Lodges had the opportunity of winning an evening with the Provincial Team with them performing an Elevation ceremony or an Advancement ceremony. It promises to be a very enjoyable evening so please contact the Lodge and book yourselves in!

    Written on Thursday, 20 January 2022 21:08
  • Scout Mark Lodge

    A number of Brethren have expressed their interest to the Provincial Grand Master to form a Scout Mark Lodge in Hampshire and Isle of Wight as a number of other Provinces have already done. To gauge the viability of such a Lodge we need to know how many Mark Masons would be pleased to join such a Lodge. It is intended that the Lodge will welcome Joining Members and Candidates for Advancement from other degrees who may be keen Scouters and attracted to a Scout Mark Lodge. Please contact the Secretariat if you are interested in joining such a Lodge.

    Written on Monday, 10 January 2022 16:32
  • Burns Night at Clanfield Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1385

    Clanfield Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 1385 are holding a Burns Night on Monday 24 January 2022. Please view the attached Flyer for details.

    Written on Friday, 07 January 2022 19:39
  • Provincial Almoners Letter from Andover

    Dear Brethren All,  

    May I start by wishing you all a Healthy and Happy New Year.

    Well here we are at the start of another year, let us hope that things might become more tolerable and we can, perhaps, get towards some normality again. I trust that you were all able to enjoy the Christmas Festivities as you had planned. We were lucky in that between the 22nd December and Boxing Day were had the good fortune of seeing and being with our children at some time. We were well looked after and I did not have to do any cooking, although low in numbers, by design, each time we met, we felt the benefit of a supportive family. We did celebrate Pat’s birthday on the 1st January and requested that the family, those who could attend, stagger their visits, which they were able to do. It meant a long day but it was very enjoyable.

    Written on Monday, 03 January 2022 16:35